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I collect design and decorating books. I started my collection years ago. The bookcase featured above is in my bedroom. I should note books are very important in our home as we have lived in this house for nearly twenty years with no television. I raised my daughter and existed myself without TV for all this time. Books of all sorts made this possible. 

Design and decorating books are my books of choice for pre-bedtime reading. I am a visual person so flipping through a beautiful decorating book is like heaven. I am inspired by beautiful things. These books are eye candy. I can look through these books until I am sufficiently sleepy to nod off. 

However, when I am reading fiction, I am the type of reader who will generally read a book cover to cover. This habit often gets me in trouble because I will stay up all night to finish a book. The next day is never pretty. I have “book hangover” after an all-nighter with a page-turner.  

In addition to my design and decorating books, I treasure a first edition copy of “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. I keep it close by. I have read a bit of the news and reviews of Ms. Harper’s newly released book “Go Set a Watchman”. I have not yet acquired a copy of the book though. I’m deliberating as to whether I want to read the new book, as fond as I am of “Mockingbird”. 

Yours, Merryweather