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I drove a car full of flowers to Western Maryland today! Greta the Jetta, pictured above, was transformed into a mobile florist shop! With the help of Joan’s friends, Sharon and her daughter, Holly, we stuffed the car full of flowers for Jeana’s wedding tomorrow. It was like driving the Popemobile, except no bulletproof glass or Pontiff. 

Sharon and Holly had assembled most of the flowers for the wedding. They did an excellent job packaging the tender buds for travel. Sharon is a retired florist and she and Holly are as lovely as the flowers they put together for Jeana. These beautiful baby breath bouquets accompanied me up front:

Meanwhile, the backseat looked like this:      

The trunk was full too! Lots of hydrangeas, roses, assorted flowers and fillers. I met Joan at the hotel and we transferred everything into my room. I turned the air conditioner to subarctic and the blower to high. It is like I am living in a florist showcase. No wilting allowed! Not on my watch!

And so I shall cohabitate with these lovelies until showtime tomorrow! I believe the plan is for me to get to the venue, the romantic barn, around ten. The wedding is at four. Will six hours be enough to work the magic required? Stay tuned, my friends!

Yours, Merryweather