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I am happy to report I have a sewing lesson with Heidi, my fabulous teacher and sewing mentor, tomorrow morning! Heidi has been recovering from an illness so I had not seen her in a bit (though I had been praying for her). I have a “present” for her: the stack of denim pictured above! I purged these jeans when I cleaned out my closet. SO. MUCH. DENIM. 

Heidi had mentioned she made a quilt out of her family’s outgrown denim and that it was the warmest thing imaginable. While I could certainly donate the jeans to the thrift store (where they came from!), I like the idea that Heidi can transform them into something else both useful and beautiful. I will leave the denim in her capable hands. 

Looking forward to having a sewing project to share with you soon!

Yours, Merryweather