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I am letting you in on a secret source for wonderful “stuff”. On Wednesday I paid a visit to a fabulous thrift store, The Red Shed, located in Troy, New Hampshire. I discovered this gem while house hunting in the area near Mount Monadnock. The Red Shed is located at 17 Central Street in Troy and is pictured above. Route 12 circles the town common (one way); the store is on the right hand side, traveling south on Route 12. 

This was my fourth visit. I have found so many interesting, useful, and pretty things at The Red Shed. It is a bit junky, but in a “discover a hidden gem” sort of way. The proprietor, Bob, is a friendly fellow, willing to make a deal the bigger the pile of merchandise you make. I always make a big pile and am pleased with end pricing. Here is a sampling of what I found on Wednesday:

 A fabulous combination hammer and screwdriver. Perfect for darling daughter’s dorm room. Marked $1. Just what I was looking for. No kidding. 
 A vintage hand mirror. Very handsome. Also for darling daughter. Marked $3. This will go into a care package for her with the hammer/screwdriver. 
 Vintage golden salt and pepper set. There was no price on these. When we were tallying up, Bob basically threw them in for free. They are marked Noritake Nippon. They will go nicely with my set of Noritake Blue Dawn dishes. The tiny sea shells were in a plastic bag marked $2. I have a sea shell problem. 
 Scissors marked $1. 

 Green wooden box with floral relief marked $3. 

Blue tole metal dish marked $2.  

I am still not completely unpacked from the trip so I will post some more photos as soon as I can. 

I can’t say enough good things about The Red Shed. As I was leaving, I noticed this sign. 

I promise I will! Check The Red Shed out during you next trip to southwestern New Hampshire!

Yours, Merryweather