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So the merchandise credit from yesterday’s antique transaction was burning a hole in my pocket! I traded some stuff yesterday with a local antique dealer, Joy. She took several large items off my hands and out of my storage unit. In return, she gave me a nice round figure worth of merchandise credit in her lovely little shop, Joyful Things, the interior of which is pictured above. 

Joy opened at ten this morning. I pulled into the lot at 10:01. I spent some time browsing around while she put out her roadside signs and whatnot. Looking around, there were several items I coveted. 

French bottle drying racks! Awesome fun. I could display every coffee mug and/or tea cup I own on one of these bad boys. But I don’t have any kitchen counter space or room in the dining room for such a big home accessory. Pass. 

A vintage wire laundry basket on wheels! I have been wanting one of these for the longest time. Joy has one!  I could use it for laundry (the obvious use). Or make a fabric liner and stash decorative pillows in it. Or use it to store my quilt problem, I mean, collection. But I really don’t have the right space for it. Pass. 

A vintage white wicker floral stand! This curvy beauty would compliment a similar, taller, one that I already have. They would make a lovely pair together. A very unusual item. I loved the way it looked. Tempting, but not terribly useful. Plus my wicker floral stand is currently in storage, not having made the cut when the house was decluttered for real estate showings. Pass. 

Space is always an issue, am I right?

So what did I decide on? 

Actually, something useful. 

A chair! 

I am a sucker for a curvy chair! This one has a slim profile. I picked up the matelasse pillow later in the day at a design shop in Keene, NH for a song. I like them together. Big shout to Joy from Joyful Things for enabling a fun shopping spree! You can find Joy’s shop on Facebook. 

While I was in New Hamphire, I did some thrifting. I will write about the haul and take some photos tomorrow or the day after once I get back to Maryland. Busy packing. Or I should be. Later!

Yours, Merryweather