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This afternoon I went to visit darling daughter before my trip back to Maryland. I brought her two dresses I thrifted for her. They were very cute. I love to buy her dresses! 

We went out for Mexican for dinner and then headed over to TJ Maxx. We bought two down filled pillows for $6 each to go in some pink and white striped Laura Ashley pillowcases that I also thrifted. They were $2 for the pair. I told darling daughter these would likely be her new favorite pillows! I love down filled pillows. The pillows in the cases are on the bed, towards the outsides, as pictured above and below:

Also, in the photo above, you can see we added the long piece of vintage crocheted lace trim we found at the Hollis Flea Market to the mantel. The lace trim was $4. It makes a lovely embellishment. 

Pictured below is the RFK/JFK portrait on the wall in the dorm. With the vintage General Electric fan and the blue glass JFK bottle with some wildflowers, the print makes a nice vignette.  

I also took another photo of the momento wall which wraps around to the other wall. 


Gramma sent some treats for darling daughter. Dark chocolate truffles, her favorite. We put them in one of a pair of light blue IKEA bowls that I thrifted for her dorm room. 


I went with darling daughter to the basement of the dorm to check out the laundry facilities. It is a bit creepy down there. She started the laundry while I was there. 

It is quite apparent darling daughter has successfully settled in. She is enjoying her work. The Summer School faculty will be on campus on Thursday. Then the students, all 650 of them, will be on campus on Sunday. Darling daughter will be working all weekend. 

I have one day left before my return trip to Maryland. It is going to be busy!

Yours, Merryweather