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It is summertime. That fact doesn’t deter me from adding to my already extensive collection of quilts. The latest acquisition is pictured above. To me, it looks like a sunny field of flowers! 

I saw this quilt at the antique store the other day. Had to have it. It isn’t old or even hand stitched and it was priced accordingly and budget friendly. It came with three shams. Odd number. Strange. I am thinking of using two of the shams as shams and possibly cutting the third one up to make something (maybe a heart shaped pillow). 

Some of the quilts from my collection are pictured below:

The top of the pile are various matelasse coverlets because I also have a matelasse problem/collection. These quilts and coverlets are just part of the collection. 

As you can see, I am partial to light pink. I am open to different colors nonetheless. For instance, during the last trip north, I purchased the quilt featuring Tiffany blue shown on the bed below:

I am doing a deal this afternoon. Swapping some of the goodies in the storage unit in Massachusetts for a merchandise credit from a local antiques dealer. I hope she has got some quilts!

Yours, Merryweather