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Yesterday we traveled from Maryland to Massachusetts. We left early. It being Saturday, there were yard sales. Estate sales. Tag sales. Garage sales. No exaggeration, we passed millions of the above. But it was travel day, not stopping and shopping day. Alas. 

As difficult as it was, I drove by every single one of these shopping opportunities. It was extremely difficult. To make up for the missed opportunities, we headed to New Hampshire this morning to go to the Hollis Flea Market and the adjacent flea market, Shirley’s. I first found these gems near Nashua in May and visited two consecutive weeks, including on Mother’s Day. I was hooked. Today officially confirmed it. 

Darling daughter and I set off rather early. Stopped at ATM, gas station, and McDonald’s for some iced coffees. After about an hour, we arrived at the fleas and began our foraging. Shirley’s first, then Hollis. 

Our foraging led to pillaging. Our first buy was a French press. As I wrote about previously, we have started using a French press to brew our coffee. It makes delicious coffee. Wonderful stuff. We left the French press at home though. 

You can imagine our excitement when we found the Kermit the Frog colored Bodum French press pictured above. It matches darling daughter’s dorm room decor! It was $3! We bought it from Janine and Matt, regular dealers at Shirley’s. We are regular customers now, chatting up the dealers. 

I will write about the rest of the flea market haul in the next post. Lots to write about!

Yours, Merryweather