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The haul from our visit to the Hollis Flea Market and Shirley’s Flea Market today includes the collection of vintage hair pins ($10 for 20 including a vintage paper box) and two vintage embroidered pillowcases ($4) as shown above. I also found a length of wide crochet trim, most likely from a vintage sheet for $4, a large spool of approximately 100 yards of light pink scalloped edged elastic for $1, a piece of white coral for $10, eleven large vintage chandelier crystal drops for $10, and a set of four square nesting boxes with a rose print decoration for $1. And, of course, the green Bodum French coffee press for $3. 

The buy of the day, however, was a green lidded basket filled with vintage crocheted doilies. In fact, there were fifty-three beautiful doilies in pristine condition. Fifty-three! I bought the basket and the doilies for $10! Yay! I will take a photo of the basket and the stack of doilies tomorrow and post it. 

Flea market fun!

Yours, Merryweather