Darling daughter and I have quite a bit of (ahem) stuff. I may have mentioned this before in other posts. In fact, we have storage units in two states. I am probably a bad influence on darling daughter. My magpie tendencies lead me to collect all sorts of stuff. Bright shiny objects. Beautiful things. Useful stuff.  Family heirlooms. Darling daughter is my favorite cohort in hunting and gathering escapades. And, of course, she lives with me and all the stuff in our highly feathered nest when she is not at school or traveling.

Our sunroom is featured in the photo above. The sofa with its down filled cushion, the table with the vintage typewriter, and the small corner shelf all belonged to my maternal great-grandfather. Years ago, my parents brought me these treasures. The sofa had been in my bedroom when I was growing up. They knew I loved these things and would keep them. When it comes to stuff, I am the family archivist.

This New York Times article by Dominique Browning describes perfectly how I feel about stuff and our own nest. I second Ms. Browning’s question “Why on earth would we get rid of our wonderful things” in response to the current movement to declutter and simplify. Indeed, why on earth?

These wonderful things remind me of people and places and certain times in my life. I have enjoyed amassing the collection of stuff. And I have done it on a tight budget which makes me proud. With our stuff, it is like living in a 1200 square foot, life-size three-dimensional, everchanging, scrapbook!

The stuff is lovely and I do love to surround myself with loveliness. I think I am artistic, crafty, and resourceful. I am like an artist, but instead of working with paints or clay or some other medium, I work with stuff.

Sort of like a designer or decorator, but in a more non-traditional way. I don’t strive for a finished project. Rather it is an ongoing style evolution. Very organic because we live here. If I find a fallen bird’s nest in the driveway after a storm, it gets displayed. If I find a treasure at the thrift store, likewise I will find a place for it. If I am given a gift, into the mix it goes!

Like Ms. Browning, I won’t apologize for being “a more is more” girl. Thankfully I have not crossed the line into hoarding or anything like that. Things, especially beautiful things, are meant to be enjoyed.

Enjoy your stuff!
Yours, Merryweather