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Oh my. In January I discovered Etsy. I wrote here about the experience. Best described as transcendent.

To summarize, while enjoying the worst winter in recorded history at my parents’ house in Massachusetts, I discovered the on-line treasure trove of all items handmade and/or vintage. The name of this bit of heaven on earth is Etsy.

Lest you think I am terribly materialistic, I should note that while I have picked out 3,137 favorite items to date, I have not made a single purchase. I am strictly browsing.

Actually, I like to consider my time perusing Etsy as “market research”. I have been carefully studying the marketplace and now I am poised to become an Etsy seller!

Darling daughter has committed to assisting me with the technical aspects of getting up and running on Etsy. We planned to set up shop this past weekend, but we ran into a major roadblock. Someone (who shall remain nameless) forgot her Etsy password. Easy explanation in that I, I mean this person, does all her Etsy browsing on the app on her iPhone as opposed to the computer. To set up shop we really needed the computer versus the app.

Should have been an easy enough problem to solve. However, we were unable to reset the password because Etsy didn’t recognize my email address as belonging to my account. A frustrating snafu. So, we sent some emails to the lovely folks at the Etsy Support Team. They assisted and I am happy to report all is well now.

Last night for the first time ever I created an Etsy treasury! I know! It is exciting! Oh. A treasury on Etsy is a user selected collection of up to sixteen items lovingly chosen and curated with a catchy title. If your treasury catches someone’s eye, they will view it, perhaps favorite it, and maybe even, best of all, leave you a comment! Etsy keeps track of and displays all this important information so you can tell if you are one of the popular kids or not.

I actually went to town and made four Etsy treasuries! They are: “Let Them Eat Cake” centered on none other than Marie Antoinette, “Magpies of the world, unite!” a nod to my favorite bird, “Dogs and Dogwood” which seems rather self explanatory, and “My life is a circus…” featuring handmade and vintage circus items as homage to my certifiable three ring circus life.

Stay tuned, dear readers, I hope to have more treasuries and even my very own Etsy shop soon!

Yours, Merryweather