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Hello Readers! First, a shout out to my new followers! Thanks so much for spending some time on my blog. I appreciate it! I hope I can keep things interesting around here for you all!

Today was the day I was supposed to clean out my closets. I have two fairly large closets in my bedroom filled with clothes I no longer wear because of size issues and because I no longer have an office job. Lots of business wear which is no longer needed. I love these clothes and so I texted a friend to check her size. A perfect match! I am excited! If we had a mismatch with the sizing, I would have donated the clothing. Tomorrow at lunchtime I will pass my former work wardrobe on to my dear friend. 

I am a frequent thrift store shopper and donor. While I do nearly all our clothes shopping in thrift stores, I also donate religiously to the same stores where I shop. Give and take. The budget friendly way to be fashionable. 

Basically, I take what we need from the seemingly endless RIVER of perfectly useable and often quite lovely, discarded clothing in our country and put it back when we are finished by donating the clothing. I was going to say “stream of used clothes”, but truly it is an extremely large RIVER of pre-owned clothing.  Because I don’t spend much money on our clothing as I thrift shop, it is easy to redonate the clothing when we are through with it. 

So, since my closet organization stalled until I can bring my friend the work wardrobe tomorrow, I broke out my sewing machine! Today’s extra lovely (XL) sized upcycled creation is featured above on Grace Jr. A light blue three-quarter sleeve knit top with a white ruffle cut off a skirt added for flair. Both components for this project were thrifted. Of course!

This is my first upcycled clothing project using knit fabric. To sew knits, you need to use a ball point needle. I successfully switched the needle on the machine and I was off to the races! I love making things! SO. MUCH. FUN. I am thinking about perhaps further embellishing this top with a fabric rose or a bit of ruffle on the neckline. TBD. 

Yours, Merryweather