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The creative urge tackled me this afternoon! It was a nice day out. Darling daughter was about the house doing her own thing. I was minding my own business, puttering around. Next thing I know I was rummaging through the pile of thrift shop clothing I have collected looking for some pieces to mash up together with the sewing machine. Time to create!

I decided on a white collared blouse, a nearly threadbare vintage patterned blue skirt (which appears to be homemade), and a strip of blue fabric leftover from the earlier “Korget” project. The end result of the mashup is seen above as a quasi-completed project on Grace Jr. 

I say quasi-completed because I hope to add a cute pocket and perhaps some ruffled trim or other embellishments at some point in the future. I need some help from Heidi, my fabulous seamstress mentor, with my idea for a pocket. In the meantime, I will wear the top with some leggings. I must say I fill out the top in a way that Grace Jr. does not. I have serious curves. Serious curves. 

So when I started working on this project, I removed the waistband from the skirt. Snip, snip! It felt like there was something in the pocket. I checked. Seven dollars! A crumbled up five and two ones which had obviously been through the laundry. I bought the skirt at Salvation Army for ninety-nine cents, so I am ahead $6.01! Bonus! 

Yours, Merryweather