Well, tonight darling daughter, Jordan, and I went to our local watering hole to play trivia, eat desserts, and reminisce about a wonderful week spent visiting together. Jordan leaves in the morning. He is taking the train back to Boston. If only we could keep him here.

We rocked the trivia game! Our team name, “With 75 points”, was hysterical because the DJ got confused when he was reading off team standings. After the first round, we were in first place with thirty four points, having only missed one single point. The DJ said “With 75 points, in first place, with 34 points.” Huh? 

Needless to say, the DJ was momentarily confused as were the other players. How could a team score 75 points in the first round!?! Then the DJ realized our team name was “With 75 points” and attempted to clarify. We were highly amused. We are easily amused. 

The second round of questions was trickier. We missed a total of 6 points out of a possible 36, but held onto our lead by just one point. We were still in first place with 64 points at the end of round two. 

During the final round, teams can bet up to 15 points. If the answer is correct they win the points, but if the answer is incorrect they lose the points (unlike in the previous rounds when if you were to guess an answer incorrectly you did not lose any points). 

A wise man named Captain Rick once told me the best strategy for the final round was to bet zero points unless you were ABSOLUTELY positive you had the correct answer. 

The youth were skeptical of this approach. The final question was ridiculously difficult, requiring matching three different historical events in pairs that happened the same year. Yikes. Darling daughter feverishly tried to reconcile the events into the proper pairs. Finally, I managed to convince them that betting zero was the way to go.

We submitted our final answer, which turned out to be incorrect, with our wager of zero points and waited to see the final outcome. Ah! The suspense! When the final scores were tallied, we finished in second place with our 64 points! We won a $25 gift certificate from the restaurant!  Yay us!

Darling daughter and Jordan are featured in the photo above. Jordan is wearing a t-shirt that I won Friday night at the auction with the political memorabilia. He loves the shirt. It is a momento of his visit. Darling daughter and I are going to miss Jordan. I am glad they had such a great time together. 

Yours, Merryweather