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I have been at it again. This morning I transformed an ordinary men’s buttondown shirt into an extra lovely, extra lovely-sized (XL) women’s blouse. The shirt must have been washed a thousand times; it is super soft. Grace, our dress form, is wearing the striped creation in the photo above. Notice the lace trim, the three quarter length sleeves, and the handmade heart appliqué on the sleeve. As I have said previously, I wear my heart on my sleeve literally and figuratively. I bought a bolt of the lace I used on this blouse for $4 at the Hollis Flea Market in New Hampshire on Mother’s Day. I think there is about thirty years of lace projects on that bolt. For $4!

While I have been away from my sewing machine for several weeks, the pile of clothes to be recycled and reworked has grown after a number of trips to the thrift store. Since the thrift store clothes are so inexpensive (usually less than $1), I don’t think twice about diving in and cutting them up. I hope to have another visit with Heidi, my favorite seamstress, at the end of the week for more sewing pointers. I can start some projects that I know I will need help with and she can bail me out! Heidi is great. 

On a separate note, I have a real estate agent coming this afternoon for a meeting. I need to relist the house soon to make our dream of relocating back to New England come true. I am going to need to fly around the house here tidying before our meeting. In addition to a certain amount of displacement due to the accommodation of our honored houseguest, Jordan, there is quite a bit of future Etsy merchandise here from the shopping sprees up north. I may end up using Greta, the Jetta, as a temporary closet. You gotta do what you gotta do. That is my motto. Well, one of them. Wish me luck with the real estate agent!

Yours, Merryweather