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Yesterday was a lovely spring day in Maryland. After a quick trip to downtown Annapolis for lunch and to see the sights with darling daughter and our honored guest, Jordan, I headed to the auction. I had previewed the auction items online and felt it would be worth a trip. I am sorry to say, the youth took a pass on the auction. They both had to spend some time on their respective computers on other college and work related matters. I went solo. 

There was a good size crowd. Perhaps one hundred twenty competing bidders. The auction started outside with tools and a bunch of box lots. I hadn’t seen anything interesting out there so I decided to have a quick bite before the bidding started inside. The snack bar serves tasty sandwiches, fries, drinks, and desserts. I had a healthy dinner consisting of a slice of blueberry pie. Antioxidants, am I right?

There were a number of objects of my affection including a large vintage fan, several glass and brass tabletop display cases, an antique ironing board (for my newest collection, of course!), an elaborate vintage terrarium, a marble lamp base, some upholstered Eastlake chairs (to paint), several interesting stacks of vintage linens, some political memorabilia for darling daughter, and a large concrete rabbit for yard art for my dad among other items. I made a list in the back of my bidding card to keep myself focused and organized. 

It was very low priced bidding for the most part. A particularly stingy crowd. The auctioneer was adding additional items to each lot to elicit bids. You can get some great deals on a night like last night if you don’t mind toting home a bunch of stuff you don’t really want. A set of china went for a dollar. Many things, including two old sewing machines from the 1950s in cabinets, were free. 

I obviously have great taste because the fan, the terrarium, the Eastlake chairs, the marble lamp, and the large rabbit all sold high. Keep in mind, my idea of high is over five dollars! I got the ironing board for one dollar, the memorabilia (with a bunch of other random stuff) for five dollars, and some beautiful linen for eight dollars. The large handmade bed coverlet I won is resting on the wooden ironing board in the photo above. That coverlet represents a great deal of handwork. I rescued it for a song. 

I must admit when I relocate back to New England I am going to miss these Friday nights at the auction.

Yours, Merryweather