Darling daughter has brought her friend, Jordan, back home to Maryland for a visit. It has been non stop laughs!  A complete giggle fest. We drove from Massachusetts on Monday. Darling daughter and Jordan and about a half a ton of personal belongings traveled in my car, Mary Passat. I drove darling daughter’s brand new VW Jetta (rhymingly named Greta) because she doesn’t know how to drive a standard transmission yet (fast becoming a lost art) also with about a half ton of personal belongings. 

We stayed rather close to home Tuesday and yesterday. Slept in and showed Jordan the local sites. We went to the grocery store. Exciting stuff. Today, however, we headed in to our nation’s Capitol. We drove into the city on Pennsylvania Avenue. I dropped the youth off at the Library of Congress. They were going to visit monuments and sightsee. I went to the Kennedy Center to park. From there I walked to Georgetown. 

These are our old stomping grounds. When darling daughter was younger, she took ballet classes with the Dance Theater of Harlem at the Kennedy Center with a pre-professional dance residency every Saturday for several years. I hung out regularly at the Kennedy Center. If we did not have pressing engagements, we would often traipse over to M Street in Georgetown after dance class. Fun place. Fun times. 

I am surprised and a bit dismayed by some of the changes here. There is a TJ Maxx on M Street! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good TJ’s. However, M Street seems a bit strange for a location for my beloved discount store. Weird. Like going to the Ritz for a hot dog. 

I am let down that the Barnes and Noble Bookseller is gone from M Street. That was my plan for the afternoon. Browse design books endlessly with a caffeinated product from the in-store Starbucks. Drats. Foiled again. So I am at Ben and Jerry’s, people watching. I spent some time at the Paper Source perusing the wonderful paper and paper related products. I could do some damage I there with my credit card. I heart paper. 

It is a beautiful spring day. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect for sightseeing. Jordan and darling daughter showed up at Ben and Jerry’s so we just trekked back to the Kennedy Center together. I took the above photo of the two of them on the side of the Potomac River with the Kennedy Center in the background. They are adorable. Even dressing alike. I am looking forward to another chapter read aloud in the car from “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez on the ride home. My favorite book. They are just discovering it. Lovely day. 

Yours, Merryweather