It seems rather unbelievable that we are at the end of the academic year already! Darling daughter has had an amazing first year at school.  In the fall, she rowed on the Varsity Crew team. I had the opportunity to see her row in a regatta with my mom. I visited her over Family Weekend.  Darling daughter had classes in English, Anthroplogy, Philosophy and Government during fall semester. She studied hard and earned three As and an A minus! That translates to a 3.93 grade point average out four points! Great work!

After Winter Break, darling daughter’s roommate decided to take a semester off. She moved back to Ohio. This gave darling daughter a double room all to herself. Finally! Space to spread out!  And spread out she did! In the picture above is her roommate’s bed turned into a sofa. Actually it is more of a divan. I found the cushions and quilt at a local thrift store. Freshly laundered, they were installed with some decorative pillows and a handmade afghan to make a comfy spot. So much better than looking at an unmade bed for a whole semester. 

Darling daughter actually crocheted the afghan seen above on the improvised sofa in her spare time. It is hard to believe she found the time! But, like me, her creative instincts run deep and are not easily put aside. In fact, darling daughter was just saying to me the other day that she is really looking forward to some creative projects once she finishes the semester. Of course, I have lots of ideas for inspired, artistic fun with her! 

Darling daughter has several exams and papers to complete in the next couple days. She has Anthropology, History, Statistics and Philosophy classes this semester. She has As going into the finals and she is actually trying to improve her GPA!  

We are also packing up the highly decorated dorm room at the same time. I will have to make several trips to pick up her belongings and put them in storage for the summer.  Luckily she is local to my parents. I am proud of darling daughter for having done such a great job during her first year!

Yours, Merryweather