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So the official word is there is no official word on my contingent offer for the 1806 Federal. My offer had a deadline of 7 pm last night. I spoke with my real estate agent an hour or two before the offer expired. Apparently, the seller is “sitting on the fence” because he having difficulties finding a suitable place to move to. Thus, he is hesitant to sign my offer even though the offer has the purchase and sales agreement being finalized no later than September 15, 2014 with closing at the beginning of November.

I asked for my agent to please stress with the seller’s agent that I can be flexible in terms of stretching the dates out into the future to accommodate the seller. After all, I don’t even have a buyer for my own house right now. It seems like I can accommodate the seller with any extra time he might need. My agent has conveyed that I am still interested in pursuing this offer in spite of the passage of the offer’s deadline. Maybe the seller is having second thoughts about selling his house at all?

I am disappointed. The 1806 Federal is such a lovely property. I am loathe to miss this opportunity. Accordingly, I wish to put this out there for the Universe: Please send me a buyer for my house and help the seller of the 1806 Federal find a house that works for him.

Yours, Merryweather