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So this morning we headed out for a bit of flea marketing. It is a fairly nice day. Cooler temperatures than usual and a bit overcast. Darling daughter drove my friend and I over the river and through the county to a couple local flea markets. The local flea markets are small, less than twenty vendors or so. The third weekend of the month is when they set up. My friend brought us a couple iced coffees to get us started. He is the best.

We were hunting for fleas at the fleas, but came up empty-handed, if you can believe that. I do love to look though. I saw a newer footlocker, not as nice as ours, for $30. There was lots of painted furniture, but I do that myself. Not going to buy painted furniture that someone else did. I chatted with some of the dealers I know. Some really nice folks. I saw some things that might have interested me if it weren’t for this supposed upcoming relocation. Plus, we had a good night at the auction last night, so things did not look terribly appealing to me this morning. I am trying to curb my magpie tendencies. I don’t need to bring bright, shiny objects back to the nest every day! I can quit anytime!

We did make a stop at the craft store on the way home for some supplies. In the box lot last night there were some decorative metal letter shaped frames with small flowers and vines in the letters “M”, “K” and “A”. Darling daughter just happens to have three friends whose names begin with, wait for it…”M”, “K” and “A”! The flowers were painted pale yellow though. A bit too “old lady”. So darling daughter bought some whispering turquoise acrylic paint to give the flowers a refresh. The process is underway right now.

Also, we picked up some more embroidery floss. Darling daughter has been working tirelessly on the friendship bracelets. We had to replenish the stock. For myself, I bought a heart shaped craft punch and a glue stick. I want to make a book page garland with hearts. I have always wanted a heart shaped craft punch. It is an exciting day for me. It doesn’t seem like I am doing a very good job quitting the three dimensional creative projects though. We do have a lot of creative energy that we have to channel somehow. Well, I really want to get the heart shaped craft punch out and fired up. Will post updates soon! Cheerio!

Yours, Merryweather