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Bidding was brisk tonight! The weather was perfect. The crowd was large, maybe 130 people. Like last week, darling daughter and my friend came along with me. We make an excellent team. We started with the bidding outside tonight. We browsed the merchandise before the bidding began. I saw a small vase in a large box lot. I liked the vase. While it looked like there were other items in the box that I might like or might be useful, it was this small vase with an open-mouthed koi that lured me in. It looks charming and old and is featured in the photo above. I was hooked. My friend won the bid to select a box lot off the table. He grabbed the big box with the small vase nestled inside. Off to a good start!

Then I saw a small luggage caddy painted turquoise green with gold webbing. I immediately thought of the Annie Sloan painted footlocker. This stand would be the perfect footlocker accessory! But as sometimes happens, it was combined for bid with a bunch of other items I did not want. Oh well. We took a pass because I did not want to get stuck with a bunch of unneeded household items including an ironing board, a roll-away bed, and several disassembled portable clothing racks.

Then the magic happened. The gentleman who won the lot had been standing behind us and had noticed we were interested in something in the lot. He asked my friend what it was that we wanted. My friend told him it was the luggage caddy. The gentleman offered it to us for $1. My friend whipped that dollar bill out so quickly I thought he had perhaps performed a sleight of hand. So the vintage luggage caddy was coming home with us to be paired up with the Annie Sloan footlocker. So cute!

After bringing our loot to the car, we went inside where the bidding was already underway. There was lots of merchandise again this week. Everything from boxes of cuckoo clock parts to patio furniture. Darling daughter had seen something she was interested in. The thing about the auction is you have to play it cool. You really shouldn’t show too much interest in any item lest you attract the attention of other bidders. Casually, we ambled over. She was looking at a three piece “cushy lounge sectional” from Pottery Barn Teen in light blue. It was in great condition and quite adorable. Perfect dorm furniture. We consulted with my friend to be sure it would fit in my car so I could get it to school for her before we decided whether we would bid on it. He is a master at packing things. His thumbs up gave us the green light.

We grabbed some folding chairs and staked out a spot nearby. The bidding was still taking place up front. We were in the back; it was going to take a while for the sectional to come up for bid. I asked her how much she was willing to spend. Her limit was $50. I agreed that seemed about right. As we sat there, about a million people came up to look at it. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but it did seem like everyone and their brother’s uncle dropped by. We rolled eyes at each other every time someone so much as glanced at the sectional. Our eye muscles got a good workout.

Finally, the bidding came over to where we were waiting. My friend had agreed to do our bidding. He handles it so much better than I do. I get so nervous. I simply do not have a poker face. The auctioneer opened at $100. No takers. He worked his way down to $20 looking for an opening bid. My friend made a quick shout and nodded his head. He is so suave. The auctioneer pointed to him. $20. And then it happened so quickly. There was a young woman bidding against my friend. I held my breath. Darling daughter held her breath. $25, $30, $35, $40, $45, $50, $55. Sold at $55. To my friend!!! He exercised his discretion and bid $5 over darling daughter’s limit. It was so exciting! Darling daughter was delighted to win.

The bidding moved on, but it did not matter to us. We were victors. And we were done for the night. We disassembled the sectional. My friend pulled his truck up to the back entrance. We loaded it up. The plan was for him to take it to storage for us; no room at home to stash it. When we went to cash out my friend insisted on paying for it for darling daughter. And for my box lot. He is very generous.

So back at home I perused the box lot. There are some cute and useful things in there, including some items we can paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I will donate what I don’t want or can’t use. Then I jumped on the computer and googled “Pottery Barn Teen Catalog”. I found darling daughter’s sectional in the current catalog. At $55, let’s just say it is a huge bargain and a very nice gift from my friend to darling daughter. Because of upcoming travel plans, tonight is the last auction we will be able to attend for the foreseeable future. It is safe to say we went out with a bang!

Yours, Merryweather