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To satisfy today’s creative urge, darling daughter and I will be transforming an old Army footlocker with some of Annie Sloan’s fabulous Chalk Paint. Old Ochre on the outside, including the hardware and leather straps, and Duck Egg on the inside. It will be a lovely transformation.

Regrettably there have been no real estate showings as of late. On the upside, the dining room table is free for our painting project given no potential buyers will be touring the cottage today. Darling daughter has also been using the dining room table to make friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss. She tapes the floss to the table and then weaves and knots it to make different patterns. Eventually the floss becomes a colorful bracelet. This is a craft she has practiced since she was a little girl.

In fact, when she was young we used to take the supplies along with us in a big Ziploc bag. A small set of safety scissors and a rainbow of embroidery floss. One of our favorite places to make the bracelets was at the summer music concerts hosted by a nearby college. Every Friday night during the summer the local orchestra would provide an evening of music on the college grounds overlooking the river. Sometimes there were even fireworks.

We would bring a blanket and a picnic. Invariably some of her school friends or friends from dance class would be there with their families as well. The girls would congregate on our blanket to weave these small mementos of summer before it got dark and the music began. Without a table and tape, we would make a loop at the beginning of the thread and then place it over our big toes to anchor the thread for weaving. The girls were so industrious in making the bracelets. To the casual observer, we looked like a small, mobile sweatshop. All we needed was a business plan and some slick marketing for our friendship bracelets to succeed as a cottage industry.

Darling daughter is finished with this latest bracelet so we will be starting the Annie Sloan footlocker project shortly. Old Ochre on outside, Duck Egg on inside. She is mailing her handiwork to a friend who lives out of state. I will let you know how the painting goes.

Yours, Merryweather